CCK9 Highlights Need for Personal Protection Dogs

Every year, The California Attorney General reports statistical crime data to the government and to the citizens of California. The latest report indicates that while crime rate decreased in every offense since 2012, the numbers are still a cause for concern. The violent crime rate is at 397 per 100,000 residents. Property crime, which has […]

The Work At CCK9 Dogs

The work that we do is very special, unlike many dog training videos you may see on YouTube, we don’t use any food, balls, or tugs for reward. The training concept that we use at CCK9 is very simple, it’s called communication. As humans, we have a tendency to talk when we shouldn’t and don’t […]

CCK9 Advanced Training for Dogs

California pioneer in advanced dog training techniques announces a unique Dog training system using a combination of communication, direction and correction training. CCK9, a dog training center operating out of California has announced the development of a unique canine training system using an unique approach that incorporates communication, direction and correction training. The aim is […]

How to Interpret your Dog’s Body Language

Body language, it is one of the most important parts of communication and can usually compose more than 50% of what someone is trying to communicate. In order to communicate well, it is always a good thing to understand what different types and what they mean. Understanding body language not only applies to humans, it […]

Pack Leader, Explained

There is a lot of misinformation on the internet about training your dog and how to become the “pack leader”. When I received my personal protection dog years ago from CC Protection Dogs, the trainers went into detail about how my dog was trained. In addition, I remember a story they told me about another […]

Executive Protection Dogs & Elite Family Estate Protection Dogs

At Command Control Protection Dogs our training programs differ a way that creates more than one type of protection dog. For instance, those who are interested in purchasing a protector there is the choice of an executive Protection Dogs or an elite family estate Protection Dogs. In addition, we also have a program that develops […]

Dog Houses

Many of us may take shelter for granted. We live in well-built homes that keep us warm in winter and cool in summer. Our homes have electricity, insulation and running water. While many dogs are naturally able to withstand harsh weather with durable double coats, this does not mean that they do not require shelter. […]

Protection Dog Training Session

Today I took one of our German Shepherd Protection Dog, Nicco, for a bike training session. Typically we take the dogs to a suburban area, like a subdivision or calm neighborhood. Especially if we are training the animal to become a Personal Protection Dogs, because that environment is likely where they will experience bike riding […]

Elite Protection Dog Training

Today, I and one other trainer took two of our German Shepherds into town to train for some real life situations. They are currently enrolled in the Elite Protection Dogs custom training program. While in town today we primarily focused on walking, this may seem like quite a simple task but it’s a crucial part […]

Welcome to CCK9 Protection Dogs

Hello! my name is Perry Ahlgrimm I’m the President CEO Of Welcome to our new Blog. I been training dogs for 17years, and have trained over 10,000 Dogs from basic obedience to off leash advances obedience to man scent tracking to Protection Dogs for high profile clients like pro athletes to CEO from fortune […]