CCK9 Advanced Training for Dogs

California pioneer in advanced dog training techniques announces a unique Dog training system using a combination of communication, direction and correction training.
CCK9, a dog training center operating out of California has announced the development of a unique canine training system using an unique approach that incorporates communication, direction and correction training. The aim is to help dog owners build a more positive relationship with their canine companions.

According to CCK9, a dog’s world (and the behavior within it) is not complicated but it definitely is intricate. To understand and communicate with dogs, dog owners need training in canine communication and body language. Dogs have a universal language that’s both subtle and wide-ranging. Real canine language is not just verbal. It’s, in reality, a rich visual language.

An extension of the above, the well being of a dog and the quality of life of its owner is contingent upon building a relationship based on mutual trust and respect. An important part of building such a relationship is teaching a dog how to walk on a loose leash at all times. Because this is hard to adequately teach in an obedience class situation, teaching dogs how to stop, abruptly change direction or back up on a loose leash has been a guarded secret among dog trainers for a very long time.
Another important aspect of both basic and behavioral canine training is the theory of corrections in dog training. It rests upon a core understanding that correction training in canines is not to punish a dog for inappropriate behavior. Instead it serves the purpose changing or “correcting” a behavioral trait in a dog for a more positive rapport between the dog and its owner.

And these are the three pillars of the new advanced canine training system developed by CCK9. Encouraging a natural approach to help dog owners and their canine companions work together at a comfortable pace, CCK9 is committed to providing a high quality dog consultation service and a variety of different training options to help bridge the gap between dog owners and their pet.
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