Guard Dogs

Trained guard dogs unlike personal protection dogs maintain very different primary responsibilities. to protect a specific territory and in most cases a place of the leading misconceptions between protection guard dogs and personal protection dogs is that they carry out the same duties and are trained in the same manner.

A dog’s temperament is first inherited then altered by the environment and how the dog has been trained. Some breeds, and certain bloodlines within breeds, are friendlier, more tolerant and more adaptable. A conscientious breeder places importance on good temperament when selecting breeding stock. Our highly experienced and professional dog trainers at CCK9 understand the various breeds and purchase from top quality stock keeping in mind which breed of dog is best suited for guard dog duty. Particular character traits must be taken into account before training commences and long before a sale of a guard dog is made. We ensure the correct German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois is chosen and the dog’s disposition is one that will produce excellent results.

The Difference Between Guard Dogs And Protection Docs

The Difference Between Guard Dogs And Protection Dogs

Guard dogs patrol a designated area which they consider their home ground. This aggression stems from their natural territorial instincts. This is the reason why guard dogs are able to work on their own without the owner or handler ever being present to give an order or command. The distinct difference between a guard dog and a personal protection dog is that a protection dog takes its lead from the owner and acts on command whereas a guard dog will maintain their duties on their own.

A guard dog is specifically trained to proceed and act without command. This means the dog will make an all out attack and demobilize anyone who enters the restricted premise without the owner being present to command them.

Guard dogs are deployed to attack those who trespass onto their property. Guard dogs are generally not used to instill a level of fear in a person and often they will not bark when an intruder is present. Due to the aggressive behavior and lack of social skills, guard dogs typically do not make good family pets. Dogs properly trained and conditioned for guard duty can be somewhat unsteady around anyone except the handler or owner.