Dog Houses

Many of us may take shelter for granted. We live in well-built homes that keep us warm in winter and cool in summer. Our homes have electricity, insulation and running water. While many dogs are naturally able to withstand harsh weather with durable double coats, this does not mean that they do not require shelter. While a dog house may not be able to provide electricity or running water, it still needs to keep your dog warm and dry.

One of the most important aspects of choosing a house for your canine is size. A dog house needs to be large enough for your dog to comfortably turn around inside of, but small enough that your dog’s natural body heat will collect inside the dog house to keep it warm. Most working breeds, such as the German Shepherd, or Belgian Malinois are between 22″ to 26″ at the withers. A dog of this size would require a sleeping area of approximately 22″ x 38″ with a ceiling height of about 30″.
Many animal welfare organizations offer published documents outlining specific measurements for the ideal dog house for different sizes of dog.

Other important factors to consider are proper insulation for climates with harsh winters, and a soft bedding material such as straw. It is recommended that the dog house be slightly elevated by bricks or cinder blocks to prevent the floor from absorbing moisture from the ground. A canvas flap can also be used to further protect the house from harsh weather.
Although there are literally thousands of different designs of dog house to choose from, we at CC Protection Dogs feel that the best dog house on the market is the k-9 law enforcement dog house. We house all of our Protection Dogs, and Guard Dogs, with the K-9 law enforcement dog house on our state of the art facility.