A Protection Dog’s Natural Ability

Many dog companies have been importing and selling Sporting and Schutzund dogs under the label of Protection dogs. Breeds like the German shepherd gained a somewhat bad reputation because of how these dog jockeys have mistreated them and then condemned them after earning so much money. These so-called trainers do not have the slightest idea […]

The Bark Exercise

Real Protection Training is not the same as Sport Training. The sporting world has given birth to a grave misconception, which has found its way into training dogs for law enforcement. It is called the Bark and Hold; we prefer to give it a more ominous yet accurate name, ‘Bark and Die!’ It is not […]

To Motivate Your Protection Dog to Work

More than one dog owner has had trouble motivating their canine companions to work. Here are some of my thoughts on the subject: Using Food or a Toy Some dog trainers use this method to communicate or motivate a dog. They start to associate the command being given with the exercise. It is all well […]

Childern and Personl Protection Dogs

For people in the market for a trained personal protection dog, a common concern is safety. In particular, if you have young children at home, you want to know if you have something to worry about when it comes to mixing dogs and children. But here is the deal: in a dog’s world, aggression is […]

Protection Training Versus Sport Training

Instead of hiding what is broken, we should always try fixing it. That is the case with the police service dog forum. The price that we are now paying for it is making it difficult to overlook this truth! Poor Training and its Result Cases of unprovoked bites and dog attacks by police service dogs […]

Guard Dog Explained

Not a day goes by that I don’t get a call or email asking what the difference is between a guard dog and protection dog. As I have mentioned in another article, a protection dog has all the attributes of a family pet. The difference is that now you have a well-mannered, off-leash obedience-trained dog […]

Training Your Dog for Protection is not a Game

Aside from the misconception about Bark and Hold way to train your dog, the full mouth bite is another huge one. Due to the belief, many law enforcement agencies hold that a full mouth bite will help them avoid lawsuits; they tend to think when faced with strain or pain of death, the dog will […]

Shhutzhund as a Sport

The United Schutzhund Clubs of America is a dedicated organization working to protect and preserve the German shepherd’s heritage and lineage through Schutzhund training. History Schutzhund – Literally, “Protection Dogs” – has his roots in Germany. Back then, breeders used to select only the best quality dog after critical evaluation for their breeding programs. It […]

CCK9’S TOP 5 Secrets To Keep Your Dog Healthy

If you own a dog, caring for it is an important responsibility that requires a real and genuine personal commitment. It is important to make sure that everyone in the family shares in this responsibility and commitment. The dog that you bring into your home must honestly feel loved by each family member. You can […]

Artificial Insemination

Artificial insemination is performed frequently with livestock, often because cattle are too large to mate naturally without risk of injury. However, it is usually left as a last resort among canines. The process involves three main steps: collection and preservation of semen, preparation of the female, and the actual act of insemination. For collection, a […]