Protection Dog Training Session

Today I took one of our German Shepherd Protection Dog, Nicco, for a bike training session. Typically we take the dogs to a suburban area, like a subdivision or calm neighborhood. Especially if we are training the animal to become a Personal Protection Dogs, because that environment is likely where they will experience bike riding with their future owners. To begin the exercise, I picked a starting point and left the bike standing up. I then went to get Nicco and walked with him over to the bike, where I gave him a command to sit as I got on. Once I am on the bike and start to pedal, I tell Nicco to “heel”. This command lets him know to stay along my side the entire time while I am moving. As I continue riding through the street, I occasionally remind him to remain beside me by using this command. We kept a steady pace, but I would also speed up or slow down to make sure he was staying focused.

Nicco, is a young trained German Shepherd for sale and is one of the most stunning dogs we’ve have here at CCK9. Physically, he is quite large with a big sturdy head and incredibly powerful bone density. His protection abilities are unbelievable, he attacks fast and hard with a strong bone-crushing grip. As we were going through the bike exercise, I realized just how much confidence Nicco has for such a young dog. The streets of a suburb can be calm at times, but also may present many distractions. However, Nicco stayed attentive and focused on me, refusing to let anything distract him.

Imported from an all-working line in the Czech Republic, Nicco possesses incredible traits that place him among the very top of his breed. His genetics, personality, and extraordinary aptitude made him a great choice to mate with one of our females, Ombra. These two are now expecting a litter of German Shepherd puppies this spring. We believe their litter will have very large puppies with beautiful pigmentation, black and reds and possibly some bi-colors, similar to their mother. In addition, the puppies will likely have large heads and strong bones like their father. We are hopeful that all of the puppies from this litter will be suitable for executive Protection dogs or Family protection Dogs.