Executive Protection Dogs & Elite Family Estate Protection Dogs

At Command Control Protection Dogs our training programs differ a way that creates more than one type of protection dog. For instance, those who are interested in purchasing a protector there is the choice of an executive Protection Dogs or an elite family estate Protection Dogs. In addition, we also have a program that develops a pure guard dog. There is a large misconception that guard dogs and personal protection dogs are one in the same however, they have quite different responsibilities.

Just like with any purchase from a breeder, my fellow trainers and I make sure to take everything into account when choosing a dog. While inspecting any litter we always make sure that the pup comes from a strong bloodline with incredible genetics. The dog’s temperament is then another major factor that we take into consideration. All temperaments are first inherited and then influenced by the dog’s environment and training. When deciding to pick a pup that will potentially place into one of our programs we look to see if their temperament is naturally friendly, calm, and adaptable or a bit more aggressive. Some traits of a German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois’ disposition will make them more suitable to one day become a guard dog for sale.

If you are interested in purchasing a guard dog rather than a Personal Protection Dogs you must understand that guard dogs are trained to act on their own. Meaning that they can maintain and carry out their given duties without the owner’s presence. A guard dog is trained to be given a designated area that will become theirs to protect. They will most definitely attack and demobilize anyone who trespasses through their home ground, and can do this without the command of their owner. Due to this inherently and trained aggressive nature, guard dogs usually do not make good family pets. They are conditioned to become protectors of property not people, leaving their social skills to be untrustworthy. I strongly advise anyone looking for a protector to understand the vast differences.