CCK9 Highlights Need for Personal Protection Dogs

Every year, The California Attorney General reports statistical crime data to the government and to the citizens of California. The latest report indicates that while crime rate decreased in every offense since 2012, the numbers are still a cause for concern. The violent crime rate is at 397 per 100,000 residents. Property crime, which has declined from 2008, is still at 2,665 per 100,000 residents. CCK9, California’s reputable supplier of protection dogs recommends investment in a canine companion for the greatest peace of mind.

CCK9 is a leading protection dog supplier in California with clients from all walks of life. The dogs are expertly taught to be fearless and defend their charge against assailants. This is achieved through a combination of communication, direction and correction training. Perry from CCK9 tells us: “Most of our customers arrive at the decision to purchase a protection dog after having been a victim of burglary or assault. By taking the positive step to get a protection dog beforehand, people can spare themselves the emotional shock of having their property invaded or their loved ones threatened”.
With crimes rates in California falling but not low enough for peace of mind, many people are finding it hard to feel safe in their own homes.

The popularity of crime-busting gadgets such as access control is on the rise but CCK9 encourages investment in a canine companion too. Protection dogs provide a real deterrent to burglary and around the clock security. The challenge is to find a good fit. One size does not fit all and protection dogs require expert training to develop into trusted companions with the right skill set to defend against potential assailants.