Shhutzhund as a Sport

Schutzhun as a Sport by CC Protection DogsThe United Schutzhund Clubs of America is a dedicated organization working to protect and preserve the German shepherd’s heritage and lineage through Schutzhund training.

Schutzhund – Literally, “Protection Dogs” – has his roots in Germany. Back then, breeders used to select only the best quality dog after critical evaluation for their breeding programs. It was used to instill the principles of protection, obedience, and tracking in dogs.

The Training

Even today, a bred German shepherd dog requires a Schutzhund title. There are three types of titles:

  • Novice or Sch H I,
  • Intermediate or Sch H II, and
  • Master Sch H III

Now a sport that has become extremely popular, the Schutzhund is still relevant today as a breed test. Even today, Schutzhund displays the adeptness of trained canines in several fields, such as:

  • Utility
  • Intelligence
  • Endurance
  • Courage
  • Trainability
  • Scent Ability

The Sport

The sport, which is quite popular in North America, consists of various mandatory rules and regulations. A few examples of these rules are as follows:

Entry Age

  • 18 months for SchH A and SchH 1
  • 19 months for Sch1-1 11
  • 20 months for Schl-l 111
  • 16 months for FH
  • 12 months for B


One judge may only evaluate 10 to 12 dogs per day. More dogs might be entered into the trial, if more judges are brought in or the duration of the trial is extended.


  • Canine entrants must be completely healthy and tested for impartiality and sureness.
  • A dog may only take part in only one Schutzhund degree per trial.
  • Dogs awarded degrees prior to a trial must complete a four-week waiting period before applying for the next degree.
  • Participants must follow judge and the trial committees’ instructions.


Poor sportsmanship leads to expulsion. Handlers must conduct themselves and their animals with impeccable behavior.


The highest possible score for all phases is 100 that becomes 300 for all three phases.

Please keep in mind that these are just a few of the rules.