A Protection Dog’s Natural Ability

German Shepherd Protection DogsMany dog companies have been importing and selling Sporting and Schutzund dogs under the label of Protection dogs. Breeds like the German shepherd gained a somewhat bad reputation because of how these dog jockeys have mistreated them and then condemned them after earning so much money. These so-called trainers do not have the slightest idea about how to breed or even work with true Protection dogs!

Before attempting to get into this assortment of problems, I want to clear a widespread misconception – a bite where a dog uses his canines is a bite out of fear. It could not be more misleading – do all predators, like tigers and lions, bite out of cowardliness or fear? Why possess canines, if a predator is supposed to use its molars to bite down?

The unnatural way dogs are taught to deliver full-mouthed bites is against their nature. A real bite from a dog will never involve using his molars; instead, he will use the canines that God has given him for this very purpose when push comes to shove. Telling a boxer he is a coward if he uses his fists to punch will not make this teaching right.

This misinformation has gone on for too long and has wreaked havoc on the German shepherd breed, so much so that the breed has become twisted, warped, and rendered completely useless.

Several news articles are reporting that the German police have stopped using German Shepherd Dogs on the force. Now, they are attempting to cross-breed Malinois and German shepherd dogs in order to achieve capable Protection dogs.

A sporting dog is not a Protection dog, no matter how you try to justify this claim. I have always tried to stand by this conviction and most of the time; I have been alone in this. If we continue to watch as by-standers, we will be letting those very “trainers” murder another capable breed, like the Malinois or even the Dutch shepherd dog the way they have ended the usefulness of German shepherds!